Asif Rahman

Deploy static website with rsync

Posted on 2020-06-21

Create a Makefile and use rsync to deploy your ./public folder to a remote server. Replace <IP-ADDRESS> with the website location and set FOLDER to the remote location where you want to upload your local files. In practice it's nice to have a staging folder to test out your website before deployment. Use make staging and make deploy to sync changes.

.PHONY: staging deploy

FOLDER = /var/www/html
STAGING = /var/www/html/staging
USER = root

    rsync -zarvh ./public/* --compress --recursive --checksum --delete --itemize-changes --exclude-from exclude.rsync $(USER)@$(SERVER):$(FOLDER)

    rsync -zarvh ./public/* --compress --recursive --checksum --delete --itemize-changes --exclude-from exclude.rsync $(USER)@$(SERVER):$(STAGING)