Asif Rahman

Research Scientist – Machine Learning in Healthcare

My interests are at the interface of digital health, time series analysis, and machine learning. I currently work on applications of machine learning in healthcare at Philips Research with a special interest in decision analysis for clarifying uncertain and dynamic decision problems in critical care. Previously, I obtained my PhD in neural engineering and was a data scientist at Stitch Fix.

Arrhythmia classification with stationary first order Markov process

A simple Markov score is a discriminative feature for classifying arrhythmia from heart rate sequences.
Dec 24, 2018

Nowcasting: Maintaining real time estimates of infrequently observed time series

Improving forecasts with explanatory variables. An example using search trends from Google Correlate to forecast US weekly initial claims for unemployment.
Dec 05, 2018

State space models and the Kalman filter

Notes on linear state-space models used in time-series analysis for filtering, prediction, and smoothing problems.
Feb 02, 2016

Data Mining PubMed

Mar 12, 2014